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By: | March 21, 2017

There are many kinds of Wall Panels available in the market that are used for different kind of functions. If we put an eye we observe that Wall Panels are used everywhere in construction business like in offices, homes, apartments and much more. If we study the history of Wall Panels it will come to our knowledge that the Wall Panels are basically designed for the partition purpose, For Instance, if there is a big apartment and we have to separate the kitchen so we will use the Wall Panels for the partition. But with the passage of time Wall Panels of new style introduced in the market that later used everywhere in the construction business and becomes an important item of construction. Wall Panels are also used for the privacy purpose. In many firms Wall Panels are used for the separate private cabins for the staff so they work without any disturbance.

There are uncountable varieties of Wall Panels available in the market with different designs and material for each and very environment. People have numerous choices from which they can select Wall Panels according to their need and environment. Some of the Wall Panels are permanent while other are temporary that can be replaced according to demand and requirements.

If we talk about the material of Wall Panels then it varies from region to region as per climatic conditions. Wall Panels are available almost in every kind of material. Wood Wall Panels are the most demanding Wall Panels from all due to its unique qualities.

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There are numerous types of Wall Panels available in market some are mention below

  • Decorative Wall Paneling

  • Utility Wall Paneling

  • Wall Panels for external use

It is clear from the name that the Decorative Wall Panels is used for the decoration purpose. Such Wall Panels are specially used for the beautification of the walls. With the use of Decorative Wall Panels the existing wall covered and we get a brand new wall. By using such type of Wall Panels we only get the beauty, we can’t get the smoothness of modern paneling with the Decorative Wall Panels. Normally people prefer to use decorative paneling on the lower half of the wall.

Utility Wall Panels are normally used in kitchens, garages and in commercial buildings. These Wall Panels are manufactured in only one type of material and that is pricked hardboard. The main feature of these Wall Panels is that it contain the small holes which are very useful in hanging different products with the help of nails or pins.

For the external use there is special type of Wall Panels known as the Structural Wall Panels. Such type of the Wall Panels is used via precast concrete for the quick framing of apartments, commercial buildings, companies and homes.

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