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By: | January 21, 2017

In twenty-first century Modern building and homes utilize different types of attractive wall panels to cover halls, lobbies, serve as feature walls and double as wall art. There is verity of products in different colors, designs, features to choose from but the most demanding between the interior designers and the owners of the home are 3D wall panels. 3D wall panels rapidly add grace, style and give gorgeous look to any area.

Not each type of wall panels has the same effect on the building each and every wall panel have different effect on houses. Wall panels have different types and features each panel have its own characteristics and demerits.

Types of 3D wall panels

Following are the major types of 3D wall panels

Aluminum 3D wall panels

The Aluminum 3D wall panels are well known from its durability. The Aluminum 3D wall panels are manufactured by pressing and topped with a coating of special high-strength polymer film. This technique of manufacturing is able to generate designs which are suitable for any design of interior.Aluminum 3D wall panels become perfect model for finishing of bathrooms because these panels do not deteriorate. These panels also use in kitchen and living room because these panel are able to bear high temperature and do not burn.

Plastic 3D wall panels

Plastic 3D wall panels has its own specialties that’s why its demand is very high, specialties of Plastic 3D wall panels are mention below
Light in weight
Able to installed quickly and easily
Have affordable price

Wooden 3D walls panels 

Wooden 3D wall panels are the best tool for interior designers for the bedroom, living room and hall. Wooden 3D wall panels are noble because these can use with any style of room that make room luxury and suitable. The one and prime demerit of Wooden 3D wall Panels that does not survive with high humidity so it’s better do not use these panels in Kitchen or Bathrooms.

Bamboo 3D Panels 

Bamboo 3D wall panels are new product in the market, people like to use bamboo 3D panels due to following reasons
Light in weight
Easy to install
Can use for making almost any type of design
Use any type of stylish oriental design

Plaster 3D Panels

Plaster 3D wall Panels are easy to use these are use basically for stop heat just in one room and it resist fire.

Main advantages of 3D Panels 
Durable and strong
Add new life and dynamics to the room,
Manage mechanical damage easily
Prevent from high level heat and sound
Easy to install and repair
3D panels give you the option of stylish and making your home luxury
With the use of wall panels, you can separate any room in low cost.
Helps you to hide destructive walls

Installation of 3D Wall panels

Relief wall panels are easy and very simple to install which make gorgeous for both designer and the house owners.

The starting step of the installation of wall panels is adaptation of the premises that has to be done in before the 48 of the montage of the panels. After this step you start installation. Now you adopt two ways either lag the panels on the firings or on the wall itself. 3D panels are being connected with the help of screws or brackets.

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